Upcoming Live Webinars

  • Supporting Patients, Families and Staff at End of Life: A Framework for Success

    Evidence-based research suggests the importance of appropriate interventions to support patients, families and staff through these unique and challenging situations. This presentation describes the development and implementation of a bereavement committee within a medium sized child life department at a free-standing children’s hospital. Participants will be educated and empowered to enhance and advocate for bereavement services and support to staff.

  • Efficient Inquiry: Painless Research Methods for Busy Clinicians

    The Association of Child Life Professionals’ Strategic Framework identifies research as a vital aspect to strengthening the perceived value and awareness of child life. More child life specialists are being inspired to conduct their own research to contribute to the field’s growing evidence base. In this session, through demonstration and case examples, attendees will learn research methods that are clinically feasible to implement and relevant to child life practice. Participants will be provided with easy-to-follow resources that break down the process of conducting a clinical research study from start to finish.