Urine this Together!: Practice Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Promotion of Bowel and Bladder Self-Management

Certified Child Life Specialists, Occupational Therapists, and Registered Nurses, each possess expertise and individual scopes of practice in the education and encouragement of bowel and bladder self-management.  Using a collaborative approach, this webinar will outline specific practice guidelines, demonstrate the importance, and explore the challenges of bowel and bladder self-management. Additionally, it will utilize case studies referencing inpatient admissions in an urban pediatric rehabilitation hospital to illustrate these objectives.

Suggested Domain: Intervention

1.0 PDU

Learning Objectives:

1. By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to identify at least 3 interventions

2. Understand the psychosocial benefit of self management of bowel and bladder

3. Describe strategies for collaborating with medical and rehabilitative team members

Jackie Newman


Jackie Newman, MS, CCLS currently serves as Child Life Specialist I at Kennedy Krieger’s inpatient rehab unit, where she has worked for two years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Development and a Master’s Degree in Child Life both from Wheelock College at Boston University.  Jackie has a professional interest in promoting self-advocacy and independence for children and adolescents with spinal cord injuries.

Emily Montag


Emily Montag currently works as a Certified Child Life Specialist at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit in Baltimore, Maryland. Emily received her Master’s Degree at Towson University in Child Life, Administration, and Family Collaboration. Emily enjoys working at Kennedy Krieger Institute particularly because of the psychosocial collaborative approach within the multidisciplinary team. Emily previously presented at last year’s Rehabilitation Psychology Conference on “Psychosocial Support for Children and Families Affected by Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) in a Pediatric Rehabilitation Setting.” Emily’s special interests include providing support for children with spinal cord injuries who are weaning off ventilation support, promoting independence with self-catheterization, and educating siblings of children who have sustained traumatic brain injuries.

Katie Cooper


Katie Cooper is an occupational therapist at Kennedy Krieger’s International Center for Spinal Cord Injury. I received my master’s at Towson University in 2021. I help children with traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI) in our inpatient hospital improve independence with daily activities by incorporating concepts of activity based restorative therapy. Independence with bowel and bladder function directly impacts performance in school, play, and the quality of life for our patient’s. It is a great interest of mine to optimize children with SCI’s independence with self-catheterization so they can return to school and engage in desired activities. During my career, I have developed lectures on neurogenic bowel and bladders for the occupational therapy department and fabricated novel orthoses to assist with improving independence with toileting.

Erin Dignan


Erin Dignan is a Clinical Registered Nurse II at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Erin received her Bachelor’s School of Nursing from York College in Pennsylvania. Erin’s special interests include working with neonates, children who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, and complex pediatric patients. In September 2022, Erin received the Daisey Award in for her outstanding work with a long-term patient and their family.


Urine this Together!: Practice Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Promote of Bowel and Bladder Self-Management
02/23/2023 at 1:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/23/2023
02/23/2023 at 1:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/23/2023
6 Questions
5 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
5 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
1.00 PDU credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 PDU credit  |  Certificate available